Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well, as many of you have read, we are back in the hospital. Gavin spiked a fever of 105 early this morning and had a very scary episode while driving to the ER. After turning off his TPN he turned a corner and seems to be doing better. Cultures were drawn but we are thinking this is just the MAS or chronic inflammation that the lipid in his TPN causes.

We have made some progress on the Omegaven but have hit a road block and are needing duPont to be willing to fund the experimental drug. Gosh... we really need this to happen. The lipid is keeping him alive but it is destroying his body.

So once again we just wait to see if cultures grow.


amy basciani said...

Hi, So sad to hear you guys are back at the hospitol. I am glad to see you had a nice time at the beach with the kids. We take the little things for granted. The feeling of the sand between your toes and the family time with the kids must have been great. I wish you many more days of that kind of peace and fun.
We are at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, seeing the specialist i told you about. We are heading home tomorrow.
I hope you will be home by the beginning of next week. But if not I will come and see you. I will call before i come and see what i can bring you.
Take care and i will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.
See you soon!
Love Amy basciani

Anonymous said...

Praying that duPont will decide to fund the Omegaven to help Gavin grow and not have all of the issues that puts him back in the hospital. It was nice to see the pictures from the beach. I heard that I missed at Isaac's party. We wanted to attend but had an all day event with the band. Hopefully we'll see you at the reunion in July. Evy

Shari said...

I will continue praying about the Omegavan. It saddens me that after such a good, relaxing time he had to be admitted again. Keep your chin up Mommie. Love the new site. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Sorry to hear he is back in, but will pray for a quick visit and the least pain/complications for him. new site is great, the picture is absolutely gorgeous of him! (What else could you expect?!) Eileen

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're back in the hospital. Praying that DuPont will work with you for the Omegaven. Take care. ~Marilyn & Randy