Friday, May 30, 2008


We got word on a positive culture early this morning, growing gram negative rods -- the bad guys. He seems ok but we are seeing some significant swelling in his liver and spleen as well as overall fluid retention. Tonight we are going to try his lipid with a high dose Motrin type med to try to counteract the inflammation the lipid causes. We'll see. Gavin's blood counts also took a drastic drop overnight so we will be keeping a close eye on those as well.

Madison spent most of the day at Child Life playing, and I spent most of my day trying to get my children to sleep. Gavin was up all day and just recently fell asleep. I've given up on Madison's nap and anyone who had a three year old knows that's just bad news.

So the plan is to wait for more information on the bug that is growing and also try to figure something out with his lipid.

Thanks for adjusting to the new site. We hope everyone is enjoying it.

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Shari said...

Poor Gavin! When is he ever going to catch a break? The family needs one, too. I continue praying for him daily! May I ask a question? What makes his blood count drop so fast? Is it the Mitochondrial stuff or something else? I understand if you are uncomfortable answering. Take care!