Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Day...

We woke up this morning thinking that we were going to get Gavin's line placed and get to go home this evening -- things have changed. We found out that once again Gavin had a positive culture, yesterday's to be exact. So now we are stuck here waiting to see what exact bug grew.

If the surgeons are in house tomorrow doing other procedures they may be able to get us in -- but our luck and not been that good. We'll see. I was pretty upset and emotional this morning but we are feeling a bit better this afternoon -- Well Adam is on cloud nine as he got the papers for our handicap parking pass. It's the little things that get us through.

Thanks for all your prayers and support and thanks for those who have introduced yourself in these past few days.


Shari said...

Gavin: Sweet boy, know I pray for you every day. You are such an inspiration to me. You are such a brave and courageous fighter. You are loved, little man! Keep your chin high!

Anonymous said...

Karen and Adam, My computer crashed recently and I had NO IDEA my lil' fightin' Gavin extended his stay in the hospital. (I stole my hubby's work laptop to check up on all my cyber kids) Praying for minute-by-minute strength, peace and hope!! Thank you for sharing your life with us cyber friends. We are praying, hoping, and shedding a few tears alongside you....lean on us!!