Friday, June 20, 2008

Game Plan...

As usual this morning came with an early visit from the doc followed by the crazy game plan for the day. Gavin will be getting blood this morning first thing, followed by hopefully a placement of some type of less permanent IV but not a regular IV. After we gain other access we will pull the line.

We also are starting another IV antibiotic and another bug grew from his line in addition to the yeast. After the line is pulled we just have to wait for cultures to come back negative. While waiting I'm sure He will been seem by Opthomology, have an echo and also possibly a renal scan to clear him of the yeast.

We'll see

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The Baker's Wife said...

Know that we are all praying for you and thinking of you. Everytime I read posts of your struggles, and when I see pictures of that precious baby boy, my heart breaks for you..

Don't know how you guys do it, but keep doing it.