Saturday, June 21, 2008


For the most part we all had a very quiet day. Madison and I took a day trip to Babies R' Us to purchase Gavin a new car seat as his broke during the night after I dropped it -- lovely. Our little trip ended up being a long trip as I got completely lost and Madison and I spent an hour or so "touring" Deleware. We eventually made our way back and the rest of the day was rather boring.

Gavin is still running fevers, which is very concerning. Technically if the line was the source of infection and the line was removed his fevers should subside -- they have not. Gavin also once again is swelling up like a balloon and is having some pain as well.

I am really praying for a quiet night. Sleep has just not been possible these past few nights.

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Anonymous said...

"Lord bring quiet rest tonight to Adam & Karen so they can get the much needed sleep they need. Wake them up refreshed and strengthened for a new day. In Jesus name." Sleep good! Thinking of you. ~marilyn & randy