Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today we learned that there may be a possible "spot of concern" on Gavin's renal ultrasound. They said it didn't particularly look like yeast but still possible infection. We have to clear this up before the line can be placed. So far all cultures are now negative, which is good news.

We had a pretty quiet day -- still trying to process yesterday's events. We are so thankful for the outpouring of love and support we have had today and last night. I can honestly say that I'm not sure where we would be if we did not have the support, love and prayers from people like you. Even though some of you we have never met, know that God has used you in an incredible way to bless our little family. Thank you also to the other mother's with chronically ill children who have offered your support -- it is always nice to talk to another women "in the midst of it."

We should get out of here soon but the past has taught me never to think we are leaving until we walk through OUR front door -- we once had to turn back about 3 miles from home!


CJ Mills said...

I came over to your blog through Brad Ruggles. I wanted to let you know that I am going to pray for you and your family. I know, first hand, the importance of prayer and the results that can come from that. Our son was born two months premature and, after 6 weeks in 3 different hospitals, he is finally home - but not after overcoming brain damage found on a CT scan. 3 days after the CT scan, the MRI showed no abnormalities - the Medical Staff couldn't explain it - but my wife and I knew exactly how it happened.

Don't let go of hope.

Let nothing disturb you.
Let nothing frighten you.
Everything passes.
Patience gains all.
God alone is enough.

April Carlisle said...

We have never really ment but have crossed paths at duPont a few times. I regulary check up on your family and constantly think of you. i think as a mother you are couragous for what you go through and still try to keep things a little normal for your daughter. I hope Gavin keeps fighting with that contaigous smile of his. in my prayers. If you would like to learn more of us check out