Thursday, June 26, 2008


Things are quiet -- but good. The doc's feel fine with placing the line even with the spot on Gavin's ultrasound. He is on adequate antifungals and antibiotics and his urine looks good. We were hoping to get a line placed today, but as of right now it will not be happening -- Gavin's OR slot got bumped until tomorrow.

Nothing will be happening this afternoon and should hopefully get out of here tomorrow evening, if everything goes as planed.


Melissa Green said...

Praying for you Gavin!!! You are so precious....I want nothing but the best of health for you.

Karen.....I haven't posted before but today I felt the need to just let you know how much I enjoy reading your and Gavin's blog. I appreciate the update on his condition and I pray daily for his quick healing.....God does deal in hope is eternal!!!

Hugs from your friend in GA....Melissa

Anonymous said...

I just saw you put Anthony's site up as a little fighter, boy did you bring tears to my eyes!!!! If you read my last update on Anthony's caringbridge, I was talking about you and your family. You have been on my mind alot. Again if you need to chat anytime, always know you have a friend in New Jersey!!!!
Praying that Gavin gets his line tomorrow. And then home for you.