Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today was another rather quiet day. Gavin 's energy levels are slowly coming back and he is acting more like himself. His blood levels all took a pretty hard hit overnight so most likely he will get some blood tomorrow, which will make him feel even better. I talked with the doctor today about possibly keeping Gavin on the antibiotics for a 10 or 14 day course even though his cultures are negative. He responded very well the Vanco and Cephapine so we know that there was some kind of infection going on. The negative side of doing this is that it will place Gavin at an even greater risk for the fungal infections he is already prone to. I'm looking to give him quality of life outside the hospital but Adam and I are also very aware of the risks. The docs are going to talk about it further and we will find out tomorrow.

We enjoyed some time out on the balcony this evening and made time for the photos. Madison had fun entertaining us and another family with some hip-hop dancing and a few cheers as well! We hope to get out of here in the next day or so. Tonight is a lipid night so please pray for no fevers from lipid, which would only complicate things!

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Heather said...

Prayers continue for answers,guidance and strength.