Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We're Home...

Gavin is doing pretty well and we are happy to say that we are once again home. We will be on IV antibiotic for another 7 days and IV antifungals for another 14 days. Of course this makes us a little excited as it helps to ensure that we can stay home a bit longer. St. Christopher was also able to schedule an emergency appointment for Gavin this Thursday. We are really looking forward to hear what the neurologist has to say.

Thanks for everything you all have done for us over the past week, from providing meals, sending cards to visits at the hospital. We are so grateful for the massive support system God has provided for us.

We are asking that if you see us out and about, please try not to touch Gavin and keep some distance is you are sick. Gavin can get sick very easily right now as his body took a big hit during this most recent illness.


Becky said...

so glad that you are home and in your own beds with your own homey surrondings! Hope that this will be a restful and peaceful time for you all!

Anonymous said...

Oh My God what a great surprise!! I am so happy you are home!!!!! I hope you enjoy the time...that's a silly thing to say to you, though. You seem to always enjoy life. Good luck at St. Christopher's. I sure hope they have some great input.

Happy kate and gavin #2

Heather said...

Home sweet home,nothing compares.Settle in,regroup and enjoy each other and all your precious family moments. Prayers continue as always.

Cindy Heintz said...

Gavin and Family...so glad you are Home!!!
Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your HEART. Much Love to All :)
Keep the F.I.G.H.T. (Faith in Gods Healing Touch).
As Always keeping you in our thoughts and Prayers.