Sunday, September 14, 2008

Better Day...


Gavin has stabilized out over night and although his ionized calcium in still 0.8 with low normal being 1, he is looking almost totally back to his happy self. It is basically going to be a game trying to balance out his levels again. By giving Gavin calcium is has caused his potassium to drop to extremely low levels and by giving him more potassium we will have to watch other things like his Mag and Phos. It just a big balancing act. I though you may all enjoy some lighter points to our past 24 hours:

As we loaded Gavin, seemingly in a critical state and barely coherent, into the back of the ambulance and drove away Gavin managed to tell us how "cool" it was and pointed out the back window.

I was asked to call Adam from the back of the ambulance because he was running through red lights and driving like James Bond, chasing the seeding ambulance to duPont.

After Dr. R examined Gavin and said bye, Gavin gave him a nice wave with his "claw".

Hey -- you just have to find the lighter side to the big mess, right?


Anonymous said...

SOOOO happy for better news. Hope things continue to look up - or at least make you laugh!!!!! :-)

kate & gavin #2!

Adam Owens said...

Hey.. for the record I did NOT drive through any red lights. That guy was seeing things. That was funn when Gavin waved G'bye to Dr. Raab.

Heather said...

Your ability to see the lighter side of things is what will see you through these seemingly unbearable moments.That is why you guys continue to amaze me with your strength and resiliency.GAVIN,continues to amaze me with his strength and resiliency!Wonderful to log in and see better news.Our prayers continue.

Shari said...

I am glad there is some better news today. I am praying and the positive things you wrote are a blessing! Gavin continues to amaze me with how he just is so sweet and a fighter!

carrie-anne said...

glad to hear that things are looking up. gavin is a toughie. the lighter side of tough times makes you smile. more prayers on the way!