Saturday, September 13, 2008

In The PICU...

Pure and Simple -- Gavin scared the crap out of me this morning! When I arrived home from a baby shower I found Gavin incoherent, had both his fists clenched, was unable to hold his head up and was choking on his saliva -- very scary. After speaking with his duPont attending we made the decision to bring him to the local hospital first to have him stabilized before transferring him down to duPont.

We found that the cause for his sever symptoms was hypocalcemia or low blood calcium, which relsuted in tetany. Gavin's Ca was 4.1 to be exact, which is very low. We were transported via ambulance, with flashing lights and sirens down to duPont where they are trying to correct the imbalance. He will need to be closely monitored in the ICU until his Ca levels stabilize.

It was a long day for Adam and I. Our local hospital was just completely inadequate and very unhelpful. I am tired and Adam has to drive all the way back to PA tonight as he can not stay here in the PICU.

Here's to another exciting day in the life of the Owens' family!


Shari said...

I am so sorry Karen! You guys just can't catch a break! I am praying my heart out for you guys!

carrie-anne said...

oh you heart feels for you. we will be praying for you all and for gavin to feel better again.

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine how stressed you were...ARE! I'm glad they know what caused I hope they can fix it. It's a shame you had to even go to your local hospital...what a waste of time. I'm sure you could have done without the ambulance ride. :-(
I'll be storming heaven for Gavin - I hope he's back to his cute little self SOON!
kate & gavin #2!

Anonymous said...

Just when I think my life is unbearable, I read what you guys are going through. I cannot imagine. Please know that my heartfelt prayers are with you.