Tuesday, September 9, 2008



Nothing new to report -- nothing at all! We spent the morning walking around the hospital making sure to stop by the fish downstairs and the play room on the 2nd floor, I know exciting stuff to report. Gavin's belly continues to be a cause for concern. His liver and Spleen swell in response to either infection or inflammation both of which we think are under control so I am concerned that it still seems to be getting larger. Who knows.

Cultures are still negative but once again that really means nothing considering both of his lumen's are packed with Amphoteracin. The Ampho locks can be heard being talked about at any given time on the unit as no one really seems to understand the process of switching from one lumen to the other and what is compatible with what. To make matters worse I had the nerve to ask for the Ampho infusion to be bummed up an hour do we can take Gavin downstairs to eat dinner with us -- talk about stirring up mass chaos.

I had a brawl with the doc this morning -- nothing new there. He is a great doc but unfortunately he is the man who brings me all the bad news, therefore receiving the brunt of my emotions.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments, especially on my blog. I am constantly amazed how well know our family is across the country and just how many people are praying for Gavin.

Totally amazing!


Anonymous said...

Yes, we are all over the country. I am in Southern California doing some serious praying for both you and Gavin! There is something about a sweet little boy and his mama. I have a son and a grandson and I can't imagine what you go through each day and night. Give him an extra hug from all of us moms (and grandmas) out there that want you to watch him grow into a young man.

Heather said...

Could that picture be any cuter?I too have a talk with the Big Guy daily on Gavin's behalf and will continue,as will the countless others just like me who have come to love your little guy.

Shari said...

That pic brought tears! I know he's little, but who says he doesn't know God is there? So cute! I am still praying!

Eric and Emily said...

That picture with the caption melted my heart! I'll be praying tonight! Emily

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture!Gavin is so precious!!!
We're praying for all of you!
Here is a link to a touching worship song...May it bless you today.
The Marculos