Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We Are Still Here...

It's been a long and difficult day -- there is no denying it! We were originally told that we would be leaving today and then this morning we learned that the final reading on the fungus has not come back yet, which means we don't really know what exact anti fungal Gavin should be on and also means that a new line cannot be placed. We spent the morning down at Child Life where a very odd yet friendly clown playing somewhere over the rainbow on her miniature violin almost sent me into an emotional breakdown :)

It was hard to tell Madison that she wasn't going home, I even think Gavin was bummed. Adam took a half day to give me a much needed break outside the hospital, which I enjoyed but in reality -- I couldn't find a darn thing to do.

So I came back.

The "plan," which neither Adam and I believe, is to have the line placed tomorrow. We have an OR time of 11am. We'll see if it happens.

Hopefully my next update will be from Good Ol' Home.


Heather said...

Come on home,we are rooting for you!!

Anonymous said...

I am afraid of clowns, but even if I wasn't, that whole image sounds very creepy. Ugh, I am gonna have nightmares! You've really had your share of odd people just showing up, haven't you?
Here's to getting home to the clown free zone.

Anonymous said...

What a bummer. I'm so sorry you're still there. I'm even *sorrier* that you had to hang out with a wacko clown. I never understood the appeal. I hope things go your way tomorrow. I can totally relate to not finding a single thing to do....but something tells me you at LEAST found the local Starbucks!! :-) Hang in there.
kate & gavin #2

Shari said...
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Shari said...

I just read on Adam's blog that you are HOME! YAY!