Friday, January 30, 2009


Gavin was admitted late this evening after we received a call from the doc saying that Gavin's cultures were positive for yeast and gram negative rods. I'm so glad we brought him in as late this evening he got very sick spiking a fever over 104. After switching his antibiotics around he is doing much better.

We just got up to our room a little bit ago and needless to say I'm so tired. It has been a emotional past few days -- going from crisis mode to normalcy and back again so fast, it is just so draining.

I'll update tomorrow with the plan.


grey like snuffie said...


Nicole, Drew, Jack, Megan, Sophie, and Lucy too said...

Just checking my mail this morning and thought I would just check on you blog hoping and praying that I would just find one of your very cool photos of your kids when I read that you were admitted and over a weekend. As always we are praying for Gavin and the rest of you.
All the Marletts