Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting Better...

Things are looking a bit better today. Gavin temps are sill going up but they are also come down, which is a great sign. The plan for today is nothing! But tomorrow we are going down to ultrasound the get closer look at Gavin's liver and gallbladder, to see what the next step needs to be. We will then try to get a small bowel follow through done either Monday or Tuesday. Adam and I have tons of anxiety over this rather simple procedure because we know it is going to make Gavin very sick. His belly will have to be injected with a small amount of dye to be seen via fluoroscope go through his bowel. Since Gavin doesn't even tolerate his own secretions, he will most likely be left retching and vomiting -- something that just breaks our hearts. We were given a few tips from a wonderful mom who has "been there - done that," so hopefully these things will help Gavin. We are doing the small bowel follow through to see if another surgical type procedure is a possibility for Gavin. At this time we are choose not to give the details of this procedure until we decide if it is right for Gavin.

It's been a long weekend and we are looking forward to Monday, to get things moving again. We are so sad to see our doc go for a month but he really is only down the road at another hospital and can be reached it we need him. The other doc covering him is great it's just that we have a system with Dr. R that is very comfortable and convenient for us, meaning that we don't have to go through a lot of questioning when being admitted and we never have to give any information as He knows all of Gavin's information. But we'll sit tight, and it will be good to have a fresh set of eyes on the situation.

I'll try to update tomorrow after we hear the results of the ultrasound.


Aunt Carol said...

Karen and Adam, Uncle Mitch and I always have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Please know that God is right by your side.
Love Aunt Carol

grey like snuffie said...

Remember that God chose you and Adam to be Gavin's parents and others have no right to judge your decisions---even if they've had a child with identical issues or read an explanation.

God will give you guys His wisdom and I for one will pray. There is SO MUCH in this world that we don't get if we're not walking in someone else's shoes. Praying God encourage you about the choices you guys make for Gavin's health, that you have a peace no matter what others may think or understand or "THINK THEY UNDERSTAND".

Will be praying for the tests and may the new docs fresh eyes be a good thing.

Reagan Leigh said...

Praying for a pain and trouble free procedure tomorrow! I know how scary it is for your doctor to just up and leave for a month! Ours did it a few months ago and he's doing next month as well. I'm just glad that yours can still be reached if needed!! That is a relief in and of itself. And maybe this new doctor will be able to offer a fresh perspective and new ideas that might help Gavin. That's my prayer. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

will be praying tomorrow that Gavins procedure will go well.

Anonymous said...

Praying that the God of the universe gives you His peace and wisdom through all of this.

carrie-anne said...

never a day goes by without you all on our minds and in our prayers. be praying for all. consider your family hugged ****HUG****

bryan said...

I am glad to hear Gavin is doing better. I read this blog daily and most of the time I am at a loss for words. Just know that I pray for you and your family daily! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

My son was wondering today why is taking so long for litte Gavin to be healed.He realized that we've been praying for a long time...He thinks that if we pray,we should see it happen.
Know that we are praying for you,and that you're not alone,even in the darkest moments.And with faith like a child,we seek God's answer for your situation.
With love,
The Marculos