Sunday, February 1, 2009


Gavin had a very long night. He is having waves of gastric pain that literally send him into a fit and sadly there really isn't anything we can do for them. The pain is most likely from his poor motility being ever worse due to the infection. Because Gavin continued with fevers yesterday we switched his antibiotic and it seemed to do the trick, as far as bringing down the fever.

His counts all took a huge drop leaving him once again very anemic and with a white count of 1. He seems to be doing a little better but is still not sitting up and is very irritable -- but who can blame him?

On a totally unrelated note -- I officially opened my photography blog today! Please come and say hello

Thanks for your prayers -- keep them coming!


Heather said...

Prayers for little man that today brings some relief.I headed over to the other site .... incredible,just like you guys.

Anonymous said...

Gavin and Family...keeping you in my thoughts and Prayers Always. Hope some relief comes quickly.
Your photo site is FANTASTIC. When the weather breaks I'll be getting in touch :)
Much Love....Cindy

Cindy Heintz said...

Sorry I'm really not Anonymous....just forgot to put my user name.
Tons of Prayers Always,
Love Ya