Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday Update...

Today we started Gavin on rectal morphine and rectal Valium, which is one step closer to home. He seems to be doing fairly well on the transition although he did need one breakthrough of the morphine. The cathing has been going well -- not sure that's really possible, but we are making the best out of the situation.

Our friends Alex and Lauren are inpatient with us so Madison got to hang out with her main man and I was able to have some girl talk with another mom. Adam got off work early, which was helpful in the afternoon.

Since pulling the fem line Gavin's fevers are gone and in fact he has been his typical ice cold all day! Not only did his temps go down but his retching is not as bad as it has been this past week --- can you say infected line? I don't care what those cultures said! Gavin's counts have dropped significantly over the past few days so we will most likely see an transfusion tomorrow.

You all are wonderful! Today I was reminded just how blessed Adam and I are. Thanks for carrying our family along!


Tiffani said...

Oh wow. I feel like I can "hear" some relief in your "voice".

Man, it's great that Jesus gave us other Moms/girlfriends!! Seriously.

So happy that Madison got to visit and I am praying that home isn't far away....

sing some John Denver "take me home country roads!!" heehee

Erin said...

Oh Karen! I'm so pleased to read all of this! I've been undergoing my own (MINOR) medical issue the past few weeks and I haven't had the energy or words to comment, but Madison and Gavin are always on my mind (You and your wonderful husband as well!)

Again, thank you so much for the updates. That you have time to think of 'us' inspires and amazes me.

Bless all of you!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all
from Australia