Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Little Crazy...

Crazy -- that's a good word to describe things around here right now.  On Monday Gavin's central line snapped leaving him with no IV access and plummeting sugars.  I had to rush him to our local hospital for an Iv to be placed so that we could manage his blood sugars.  Once the IV was placed we were transported via ambulance to duPont.  

Once at duPont they were only able to kinda fix the line.  It will infuse at a very slow rate without leaking but any kind of flush or high rate infusion and it leaks right out.  I insisted that we leave the ER to come home, so Tuesday morning Gavin and I got home around 2:30am.

Around 8:00am yesterday morning our doc calls with the plan for bringing us back in to try to once again look at the line and see if it can be repaired.  So we packed up again and spent the day down at the hospital again yesterday.  In typical Gavin style, on the way to the hospital yesterday he spiked a fever over 103 - lovely.  The surgeons decided that the line cannot be saved but were unwilling to place a new line until we have 48 hours negative blood cultures.  I again insisted that we take him home with the understanding that if he or his line become more unstable we need to bring him down right away.

We tentatively have an OR slot for tomorrow pending the cultures.  If they do come back positive we will need to be admitted and have a fem line placed until we can clear the infection.

Oh the drama.


David said...

I'm pretty much in awe of how you guys do this. Unconditional love.

And will keep praying for you all.

3saints said...

I hate to admit that I've been stalking your blog! ;) I'm so sorry that your having so many issues with Gavin's line..I can't imagine.
Good for you for insisting on coming home, we do the same thing.
Keep your chin up! How did things go with Make a Wish? We meet with them in 2 weeks and I'm a little nervous about it.

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

I'm praying that the day arrives soon when you can look behind you and say, "remember those grueling months of medical drama...but look at how healthy he is now...thank God it's behind us."

Rachael said...

Man you are like the energizer bunny. I don't know how you do it. Thanks for the update.. I was getting worried.

I am amazed at your fortitude. I am a mom too (kids long grown), so I fully understand how that happens; however, I want to say, just for the record, you are an awesome mom.

Reagan Leigh said...

I sure was hoping no news was good news. It sounds like things have gotten a little stressful again lately. Praying that everything goes well with replacing his line and that you'll be back at home in no time!

Taria M. said...

I'm so sorry for your family! I think about Gavin so much throughout my day, and know that God is providing for all of you. I'm amazed at your unending strength (I'll praise God for it!), and how you just keep going. You are being lifted up in prayer. Thank you for giving us an update. :)

Anonymous said...

Praying, Praying, and more praying!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about asking them to put in a single or double implanted port. It is similar to a central line but you put a needle into the port (it is implanted just under the skin).

The only reason I am suggesting it because our daughter has a mitochondrial complex I disease and it totally 24 hour dependant on tpn and saline. She also gets several unexplained fevers with many cultures coming back negative and is on iv meropenum (Meropenem is an ultra-broad spectrum injectable antibiotic used to treat a wide variety of infections.

Just wanted to give you maybe some options in regards picc lines/central lines as we have had so many break/leak etc. with no explanations. With the implanted ports it has made a great difference in the quality of her life.

Wishing you nothing but the best for you and your family.

ginger said...

Sorry about the drama but I am glad to hear you got to go back home--good for you!
I will continue to pray for you guys!

Heather said...

Oh,the little drama king ... seriously though,praying for things to slow down a bit for you all.It is more than about time.Prayers for that and so much more.Love from California.

Cindy Heintz said...

Praying for a big turn around real soon.
Wishing you ALL a Happy Easter :)
Magic exists...only in the moment!
Much Love to ALL

About Me said...

Thinking of and praying for all of you! I hope that you all find some joy in this Easter holiday with all of the daily struggles you face. You are amazing!!!! Emily

Natasha said...

I am praying for Gavin, just thought you should know you are not alone in your prayers.