Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last Day of Magic...

We spent our last day at the Magic Kingdom and it was just that -- Magical (and very wet!)  We started off in Tomorrow land where we rode the rockets up in the sky and then met the crew from Alice and Wonderland.  Some favorites were the Winnie the Poo ride, which they let us ride twice -- so cool, and of course the meet and greet with the Disney Fairies and Princesses.  A little boy I know came out with many kisses marked all over his head.  Madison was so overwhelmed with excitement that she practically stood like a statue the entire time!



Last evening we made a trip to the Medieval Times Dinner show --  very cool but we were all so tired, not to mention I'm a vegetarian, but thankfully they served a vegi meal and even allowed me to use utensils! Early this morning we packed up and said our goodbye's to the amazing Give Kids The World village.  This truly was an amazing place!  Our every wish was made to come true -- allowing our family to find some joy amidst the many sad days we encounter.  Seeing the smiles on our children's faces, knowing the fight for life Gavin is going through and the chaos that Madison endures, was more than overwhelming.



Thank you Make-A-Wish -- you have made our dream come true!





Anonymous said...

How great! And how cute Gavin is smiling, with his pacifier in, while Cinderella kisses him. Precious!! Have a safe, uneventful trip home...
Debbie in CT

twinkle said...

Magical blessings!
Thank You, heavenly Father for allowing this trip. You are beyond sweet.
In Jesus Name.

evwmom said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation with us. Hope you all will visit Florida one day again soon and the weather will be beautiful for you!! Love all the pictures, you ust have one kickin' camera!

Becky said...

How cute is Gavin with all his kisses and his little leg propped up watching the parade? What a blessing! Thanks for sharing about your trip-- it brought tears to our eyes looking at Gavin and Madison having so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us!! Your family ministers to so many people by sharing your lives. I know so many families that have gone into isolation because of their struggles. Your family's example is reaching so many!!! I praise God for all that He is doing in your lives. Be blessed and be safe in Him! ~Debbie Heisey

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing the updates and pictures from your Magical trip to Disney Karen. So glad you all has so much fun, even it if was a bit wet.

LOVE the Gavin smooch pictures. :-)

JayCee said...


blairspage said...

SOOOOO cool! You really take some AMAZING photos!

Hugs - Tiffany

The Rowe Family said...

I am so happy you guys got to do, that you were able to stay and that you had an amazing time! God bless, Emily

therextras said...

I have been praying in faith that you are at Disney - this morning I return to find my prayers have been answered.

Thank you for sharing your family with us.


Anonymous said...

We have enjoyed so much your updates all week! Gavin looks great and the pictures tell us that you've all had a wonderful time in the "Land of Magic and Dreams"....Thank-You, Jesus for making this all come about for them. Safe travels home, and now, time to rest up! :-) Love you guys!