Thursday, May 14, 2009



Sleep is a beautiful thing and Gavin and I both got a few hours of blissful sleep last night. Gavin did great down in the PICU and they were able to place a femoral line and pull out the old infected line. They gave him two units of platelets yesterday and his count is now up to a whopping 30 thousand --every bit of progress counts! Gavin is actually doing much better -- no fevers and seems more comfortable. His abdomen is still very swollen, though the lasix yesterday seemed to relieve some pressure.

We are still figuring out our trip. Make-A-Wish is amazing and will reschedule with no issues or difficulties, it's just that we have a little four year old girl who is more than excited to go see Cinderella's house. For most children, I would say it's no big deal we will just postpone a week or two -- but we are talking about a little girl who's life is always mixed up and confusing, moving the trip is just one more thing to disappoint her.

We are going to make the decisions today. MAW said they have limited availability for next week. It looks like things are improving and there is a very good chance we would be out of here in time but we need to see how well Gavin is going to bounce back.

But -- Gavin does incredible things. I've seem him go from the bad to worse to looking great in a matter of hours.

We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you.. Glad to hear Gavin is improving. I really hope you can leave for your trip on sunday.
Always in our prayers..
Sandra & Anthony

Heather Nicole said...

Praying SO HARD that Gavin bounces back and you make your trip! Love, Heather

JayCee said...

Praying that it will all work out in God's timing....Also, praying for that sweet little girl.

ginger said...

I know what you mean about your daughter...I hope it does work out for your original schedule for her sake. If not, let her know that the castle is here to stay. (I live about an hour away.)
Prayers for you ALL!

Anonymous said...

I am praying you will be able to make the trip! Can't wait to read your post saying "We're on Your Way to Disney!" Have a good night!

Angela said...

Praying that your Disney dreams come true!

Jodi R said...

Karen, We will say some extra prayers that Gavin bounces bet yet again. I can only imagine the excitement that was surrounding your family about this trip! You will get there, and tell Madi have a super great time, and I almost forgot, take lots of pictures-- hee hee<3 Sending extra hugs and prayers your way