Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Day...


It's been a rather quiet day around here today. This morning both kids were ready to go at around 6:45, so we all went down to the cafe for breakfast. Madison is getting very good at placing her usually order of "one small pancake please," and Gavin is getting really good at balancing our tray on his lap using his arm rests and skinny little legs.

Gavin's PICC line has been a bit worrisome with some significant swelling in his hand but I've been told this can happen due to the larger than normal catheter that was used to get a close to central access, without actually going central. Anyway -- it's fine but still has me a bit on edge. Today has been a rough day emotionally for me -- I'm not sure why. I sat in the play room today and watched all the kids come in -- some in an obvious battle with cancer, some missing limbs and then also watching my children. This is a sad place to live in. Knowing that so many little kids daily fight for their lives. I really wish there was a way I could spare my children from this suffering -- but sadly it is are reality. Thanks so much for all the prayers for Madison. She is actually doing better and seems to have found her grove here at duPont. She spent a few hours this morning at the front nursing station "answering phones."


I was looking through some photos and found these pool pics, which I think were from last week. My little babies look so happy. Oh how I long to be sitting by that pool. Do you just love Gavin's water wheelchair we rigged up for him. He loves it!

This weekend Adam will be taking over night duty at the hospital and Madison and I will be having some much needed girl time and sleep time at the Ronald McDonald house.




Heather said...

Hang in there my friend.We are all praying for something to once again give.So happy to hear Madison is finding her groove ... groove is good.We got a bit of that going on around here as well.Love to you all and the tiny but mighty fighter Gavin.

Shari said...

Karen: Forgive me for not being on here sooner and more often. I have been praying for Gavin daily even if you don't hear from me. I love that pool chair! Did Adam do that? So cool! Gavin is so sweet and I love his little face!

Paige said...

I love the pool chair! It is so amazing. You guys are such great parents! I love how Madison ordered her pancake! What a sweet girl I am sure she is! I'm very happy to hear that you and her will be getting some rest and girl time! How fun will that be! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Praying for you always!

JayCee said...

many happy dreams....

The Rowe Family said...

I just can't imagine how hard it must be to have to stay there! When my Son was born 4 weeks early we had to stay for 5 days and I thought I would go CRAZY!!! I'd love to read a post about what you do while you are there to try and keep yourself occupied. You must have to be creative with the kids especially!!! God Bless, Emily

Anonymous said...

Your story is truly inspiring. Continue to stay strong and know that so many people are thinking of and praying for you. Keep fighting= ]
Also a Happy 4th Birthday to Maddie as well, I believe!

Lots of Love and Wishes Katie