Friday, June 26, 2009

Enjoying Home...


We have had a busy fun filled packed week! We are home and making sure we all enjoy every last second of it! Wednesday we left the suitcases packed and headed out. Madison had her first dance class and made her mommie so darn proud. If you know Madi you would know that when you watch her she doesn't seem like the ballerina type -- but have her put on her pink tutu and she will float across the room! I was so impressed with her moves she practically brought a tear to my eye. It did my mommie heart good to see my little girl have her moment to shine -- by her self with her mommie watching and cheering her on!

Today was our first Pee Wee sports class at the YMCA -- totally cool! Gavin did so well, as this was his first experience with children his age. The class focused on basketball today and Gavin was totally thrilled with bouncing the ball -- kinda, sorta with mostly mommie bouncing... but Gavin certainly tried! I think his favorite part of class was running laps on the red line around the court -- I think he was mostly laughing at mommie running amongst the preschool crowd! Madison also seemed to enjoy class and did very well with "mommie in the class".


Gavin is hanging is there. We got a call today from duPont saying Gavin's cultures from this new line are positive. What the heck -- this poor kid. The cultures took a long time to grow so hopefully the antibiotics he is on in combination with the IVIG -- will give Gavin the boost he needs to fight this bug. He's acting ok but is still running fevers off and on. We are hoping to get his central line in next week as we leave for the beach on Friday -- the PICC line will be a nightmare on the beach!

These photos were from this past weekend at duPont. Adam is such an amazing daddy, and does so much for our little family -- There's nothing like a little Daddy time!


Tina said...

Good to hear you are home. I kept checking for updates. Adam looks like an amazing Dad, it certainly shows in the pictures.

The Hopkins Fam said...

Such a beautiful family! And your photos capture so much more than just a picture. You have such a unique (sp??) way of capturing emotion!! Love it.

The Rowe Family said...

Your photography is just amazing!!!! Have you ever done maternity shots?

Heather Nicole said...

Hey guys, I'm so glad you are home!

Karen, your photos are amazing - they look they could be straight from a magazine - great job :)

evwmom said...

have been gone a while, love looking at your blog and came to yours first. Loving the updates! Love the pictures! Can you come to Florida and take pics of us one day?

Cindy Heintz said...

Karen...AWESOME Photo's....Awesome Family!!!!!!!
Thoughts and Prayers Always :)
Much Love To All