Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pool Time...


I can guarantee you will be seeing lots more photos like this over the next couple of months! This past week has been so beautiful -- warm enough to enjoy the pool but not too hot for our little over heater of a son. We decided yesterday to cancel the uryodynamic studies that Gavin was scheduled for today. Why? Basically, the outcome of the testing would not change Gavin's plan of care. We know there is nothing physically wrong with his bladder, it's just that it does not have normal contractions to empty, which is often seen in children with Mitochondrial Disease. You either pee or you don't -- it's really that simple. The test was really just to get baseline info and the risks with sedation are too high right now for Gavin. Maybe in a few months -- we'll see.

Gavin and our family were local celebrities today and can been seen here and here.


Hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday!


The Rowe Family said...

Beautiful! Awesome! So glad you're all doing well! Emily

evwmom said...

great to see you guys out having fun!