Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still Positive...


Cultures from this new femoral line have been positive for the past two days, growing out the same two bugs that Gavin initially was growing when he came in on Saturday. This plan is to attempt to place a PICC line tomorrow in the OR. Last year a PICC was attempted but was a failed attempt and it was thought that Gavin had no access for a PICC. W are hoping that with growth something might have opened up -- we'll see.

After a new line is placed the femoral line will be pulled and we will have to stay until net week to get a new central line placed in his chest. Right now his bowel -- the stub that he has left is very sick and leaky, so we want to make sure this new central line will stay infection free before we leave.

I'm tired. Today I just wanted to blink and *poof* it all went away -- no such luck.


evwmom said...

After the last few days in the PICU I wished I could blink and poof and it all go away. It didn't so I decided I need to find a time and place to go to and just scream. I need a good scream day. Have any tips?

evwmom said...

go to my blog, u gave me an idea for a new post since I was not feeling up to posting today. I refer to you all a lot, follow me if you'd like, you'd laugh to see how often I tie your blog in with mine. I feel like u understand exactly what we are going through.

Anonymous said...

You sound like you might need a smile. I read this this morning. Praying for you!
Joy in RI

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,

I am praying for you and Gavin. Please know that there are complete strangers praying for Gavin and lifting up your whole family before God. I talked with Bonnie Bechtel and set up Gavin's account at National Penn Bank. Please let me know what room you are in at RMD Take care,

Joy Rota
Boyertown - Gavin Owens Fundraiser

Jessica Hilliard said...

I just found your blog- My 3 yr old daughter is also TPN dependent and being tested for Mitochondrial disease. We pretty much have lived in our Childrens Hospital (in Boston) for the last 10 months... and were in and out all the time for the 2 years before that. So I get the "chronic" part. I'll be praying for your little miracle!