Friday, June 5, 2009


It has been a rough day and I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm running on no sleep. Gavin slept most of the day and I spent all day waiting to hear what in the world the game plan was. Gavin's main doc was out today so we had to adapt to another doc, who is perfectly capable but it different. In all the chaos and uncertainties we deal with there is one thing that I have issues with being different -- Gavin's care. To make a long overly-emotional story short -- we figured it all out.

Gavin's hemoglobin is at an all time low and he will be getting blood very soon. His blood cultures from both lines grew out within a few hours for Gram Negative Rods -- the bad guys. He continues to spike fevers and the swelling has begun. I took lots of cute photos today but sadly forgot my USB cable -- how can I forget the USB cable?!

I had an amazing conversation with Gavin's surgeon this afternoon -- who basically reminded me to never have regrets and to trust that because we love Gavin with all our heart every decisions we make will be the right one for our family. We even shared a laugh over the possible phneumothorax a few weeks back. Strange huh? That's our life.

And might I add that my little boy will be turning three next week?


A true miracle.

Very cool.


Jennifer said...

It was lovely to meet you & your family "in person" yesterday...hope the delivery comes in handy. I think your surgeon's right on target about your decisions being the right ones, although I'm sure it probably doesn't always feel that way. Continuing to pray for Gavin to beat those yucky guys so you can have lots more beautiful days at the pool & playground & fewer trips to "Hotel DuPont!"

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Karen - hope you get some sleep tonight - I'll be praying. Thank you for the update. xo

grey like snuffie said...

Thanking God for the conversation with the surgeon. God chose you guys to be Gavin's parents and you desire to make wise choices...asking God to speak through doctors whether they know Him or not...He is good.

Shari said...

I hope you can get some sleep tonight. I am praying those grams away! I am glad that sometimes you are able to laugh even in the storm. Much love to you!

Jennifer said...

Praying Gavin feels better real soon and you get some much needed sleep. Would it be possible for you to email me your address so I could send Gavin (and Maddy a little something) something for his birthday?
Jennifer in AL

therextras said...

Sending prayers to end the gram-negatives. And for sleep for you. Barbara

Anonymous said...

checking in. HOpe you guys are hanging in there!
SEnding sunshine!