Friday, July 17, 2009

Rough Week...

I think everyone in this household is so happy today is Friday -- if only that meant things were getting better. It's been a rough week in so many ways. Besides Gavin's health we have had lots of car issues and currently our van, which is are only vehicle that can transport Gavin's wheelchair is in the shop. I did managed to take it apart and stuff it in the car to go pick up Adam from work -- but it was not easy at all!

We are also looking for a new house to live in. We currently rent a 2nd floor apartment in Pottstown, and while I love our actual apartment I do not love the school district and most of all I do not enjoy the two flights of steps to get in the door with Gavin and his equipment in my arms. Tonight we went to look at a place and it turned out to be a total flop. Disappointment. We did get the number for another possible place so please keep our housing issues in your prayers.

Yesterday's trip to the hospital turned out to be a nightmare both physically and emotionally. Wednesday night Gavin got very sick with very high fevers but we kept him home and was better in the morning. About an hour after arriving at duPont Gavin got very sick -- very fast. He was requiring O2 and his vitals were all out of wack. At that point the doc came down and saw Gavin and put in for an admission. I filled out all the paperwork for admission and our little Gavin decided to get better just as fast as he got sick. I asked the doc to cancel the admission and let us treat him at home -- and he did just that. Gavin received both blood and IVIG. His hemoglobin was 6 and his IGg levels were 200, not to mention his white count was 2 -- not what we want to see when Gavin is presenting with symptoms of a massive infection.

So here we are home. Gavin is not looking good. I'm not sure what his little body is doing. I forgot to mention that his blood cultures grew out within 12 hours for both Gram positive and negative rods. The doc feels that he is probably growing the same bugs he had a few weeks ago and so we are continuing the antibiotics we were on from the last infection. It's just sad. His body doesn't have a chance against these bugs.

We hate them -- and yes, hate is a very strong word.

Tomorrow we hope to find a glimmer of hope and joy. Our community is holding a yard sale to help offset Gavin's expenses -- and for that we are so grateful, much more than my words could express.


Janelle Detweiler said...

Hi Adam & Karen
Wow it has been quite awhile since we last spoke. I followed this link from a post John Spencer put on Facebook. I am in awe of you and your family. Your children are absolutely adorable and inspiring. I can't believe Gavin is 3 already. God bless him, he has the hand of the Lord upon his life. I would love the chance to catch up.

I read that you are looking to move to a new place. I'm not sure if you have already considered help from anyone but I'd like to extend my help as a realtor if I can assist you in any way I'd be happy to. Please don't hesitate to call me @ 215-892-7072.
Hope you raise a lot of money at the yard sale!

God Bless

Janelle Detweiler

Rachel said...

Hang in there! I hope your car and housing issues will work out.

We are praying for Gavin.

bryan said...

We are praying for your house hunting, car repairs and little Gavin.......Hang in there.