Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Update..


What a great weekend we had! Saturday morning we got to witness first hand all the love and support we have. The yard sale held by our community was a huge success! We stopped by around eleven and there were tons of people. The money raised is really going to help us out. We hope to make an appointment with a local dealer who only deals with making vehicles handicapped accessible. It will be interesting to see what all needs to be done to our van to make it accessible for Gavin, not to mention legal.

Sunday we went to church and then spent the day at my parents. Madison got a pair of roller skates at the yard sale that she wanted to try out. She had lots of fun -- it was probably more fun watching her. Daddy and Gavin enjoyed speed racing down the steep driveway as well -- against Mommie's approval of course!

Gavin seems to be feeling better. He wakes up feeling really well but by afternoon he is really worn out and his coloring starts to turn yellowish/green. I think he just may need more blood. Normally when we are admitted Gavin usually requires at least two transfusions to get him through the infection and recovery process.


This week we are hoping to see a house in Boyertown. From what we can tell it looks like this house will be perfect for our family and getting Gavin in and out of the door. We are trying to just sit back and trust that God will work it all out -- if this is the house or not. I also think I forgot to mention that we ordered Gavin's new power chair -- hence the rush to get a new house and van. If we get the chair it will be here in next few months, and the chair is very heavy and cannot be lifted without the help of four grown men. Needless to say our loves will be drastically changing -- but then again, Gavin's life will drastically change as well! We need lots of prayers that our insurance company approves this. Normally I would say there is no way insurance would cover this chair and we will most likely have to fight for it, but we have been so lucky on that end -- we've never had to fight for anything. Some of the equipment we have in this house isn't even heard of, so things have just really worked out for us in this area.

We are hoping for a quiet week -- maybe a trip for blood -- but quiet.


Baylee and Blair's page said...

That is awesome that the garage sale was a HUGE success! Praise the Lord! I hope everything works out with the power chair, the house and van!

Big Hugs - Tiffany

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I'm so happy for you. Gavin's face just lights up when he smiles. And I LOVE the pictures of Maddison. She looks like she was having so much fun!

Cammie Heflin said...

Gorgeous pictures! So glad it was a success for your van, what a blessing!

Victoria Strong said...

What wonderful pictures! So much happiness in those big smiles!