Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy Day...


Today was a crazy day. A good one, but very crazy. We started off the day at the YMCA at Gavin's special needs gym time. We got Gavin up out of his chair and in leg braces, which allowed him to stand with support on the trampoline and do a little jumping. He was able to tolerate it for about two minuets and then asked to get back in his chair. He had fun and it was fun to see him all stretched out. Gavin is one tall skinny dude! We then headed out to the pool for a little swim time. Madison is becoming a little fish and is totally proficient at swimming in the deep end and doing all kinds of mommie-watch-this type tricks.


We then headed to the lab to drop off Gavin's blood and then headed out to the park to occupy our time until it was time to meet Daddy at Ride-Away to have our van looked at and discuss our options for making it more accessible for Gavin. We heard last week that Gavin's power chair was approved and it should be making it's debut in the next two months. Which puts a major rush on getting our van ready for the new wheels and also our search for a new home. Ahhh!!!

Gavin is doing pretty good. He is having some good periods of play time, which makes me very happy to see. Today he started up with some swelling and paleness. Not sure what is up but most likely his body is just starting need a little more support as far as blood products and a little more rest. Tomorrow will be another busy day -- but I'll save that fun stuff for another post!


Paige said...

Very happy to see that you all had a great day together! You take the most wonderful pictures of your beautiful kiddos! Sending more prayers your way!

The Rowe Family said...

Hooray, so nice to hear you're having some great family time!

Anonymous said...

you have two amazingly cute kids!
miss you very much.

Rachael said...

Madison could be in the movies! She has a 'star' smile. And million dollar dimples. Gavin looks at her like she's already famous hahaha.

Nice to see y'all.

Becky said...

That picture of Madison giving Gavin a kiss is my all time favorite! They are so beautiful Karen! What a blessing!