Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back Home...


We are home from the beach! We had a really nice time but we were all very ready to come home. Gavin didn't do so well this weekend in fact Him and I never actually made it onto the beach, except for the one two second failed attempt. Gavin and I just walked the boardwalk going in and out of the air conditioned stores, trying to keep his temp down. Gavin continued with his crazy irritable behavior. He did a little better this weekend but today he has been back to his manic irritable mood. We are going to start him back up on the Clonodine patch, which he was on early this year to aid in his withdraw from Morphine. Hopefully it will again have that same calming effect.


Madison is getting back into her school routine and Adam and I are getting back into our routines as well. I guess we all are saying good-bye to summer and gladly welcoming a calm fall.


Rebeca said...

I know I don't "know" you, but I have been following your blog for a several months. I pray for your beautiful family and your sweet boy every day.
Sending lots and lots of calming prayers your way!

Heather said...

Glad you were able to escape a bit,even if it was to cruise the boardwalk with your little guy.Praying for the Clonodine to work it's magic for your warrior man.Love from California.