Friday, September 4, 2009

Hematology, IVIG and The Beach...

Gavin's Hematology appointment this morning went very well. It is always to encouraging to meet a new Doctor who is willing to continue our current "theory of care," and fully respect why out current team of doctors choose this plan for Gavin. Gavin is is desperate need of the GCSF injections or Neupogen to boost his white count. His counts are very low and put him at severe risk for infection in addition to his already baseline high risk for infection due to his leaking stub of a bowel. Normally she said that she would really like to get a bone marrow biopsy to make sure the benefits out weigh the risks, but with Gavin's situation she would be willing to begin the Neupogen just based on the numbers. That's great news. We do not know how Gavin will respond to the treatment but we hope it will help. He continues to be severely neturopenic and that's a very scary place to be.

So here we are now sitting through yet another infusion. If there is one things that I dislike the most out of this situation is sitting for countless hours while Gavin's gets tanks with all these blood products. It just makes for a very long day. Despite the transfusion on Wednesday Gavin's hemoglobin is still only 8, which will drop much lower in the next few days -- ensuring us more time here sitting. His white count dropped again to 1, further showing the need for the GCSF.

In other news, Gavin spiked a fever this morning to 102. We are drawing cultures and saying a prayer that we can make it through the weekend at the beach. Did I mention we were going to the beach? Call us crazy, but it's our last chance at a vacation until next year.

So -- lets pray we have a great weekend!

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Neighbor Wars said...

Praying you get to fully enjoy your last time at the beach for this year!! Praying for Gavin! Got my magnet today! Going to go look at ordering more stuff!