Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So Gavin's blood counts were all pretty darn low. His hemoglobin was 5.2 which could certainly be attributing to his irritability. I'm not so cure he really is any better after getting the blood, but we'll see how he is in the morning. He is also in need of IVIG, which we are going to try to squeeze in before we leave for the beach and enjoy our last taste of summer.

Gavin has an appointment with Hematology on Friday morning where we should be starting the GCSF injections to help boost with white count. His immune system is just not looking good these days and with his already high risk of infection it can be very scary. We'll just have to see how he responds to the GCSF.

Thanks as always for keeping us in your prayers!


Baylee and Blair's page said...

I'm so sorry to read how sick little Gavin has been. I've been praying my little heart out!

I hope he gets to feeling better after receiving the blood. Blair's hemoglobin got down to 5.6 after her surgery and she required a transfusion. It's amazing what kind of decisions we have to make for our children. I've never had to make decisions like that for myself!

Always praying in Arkansas!

Hugs - Tiffany

Paige said...

Sending prayers ya'lls way!!

Anonymous said...

continuing to pray for that sweet little boy of yours!

Kathy in Texas

Neighbor Wars said...

Still praying for sweet Gavin!

brandiandboys said...

praying you all get a relaxing vacation with lots of family time.