Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gavin's House...

Gavin's House Blog

Our new house project is officially beginning. They are calling it Gavin's House as this house is being made to fit our little guys needs -- every last one. Today we were excited to do another walk through and get even more excited about modifications being planned out and also lots of extras that will really make this house our home!

Many people have been wanting to help our family for a very long time. So many of you have done amazing things for us -- and we are so grateful! This is one way where you can help us out in a very concrete way. We have so much stuff to do in the next three weeks -- did I mention we are moving into the home in just three short weeks?! If you have skills that you would like to put to use please contact Erin's Dream and they can help you be apart of this incredible blessing to our family. I added a little "Gavin's House" button on the top left of this page where you can click and be taken to a contact page for Erin's Dream. Make sure you include specific areas that you can help in.

As always, we treasure your friendship, prayers and support! We really just can't believe this is actually happening.

We are so very excited!


Shari said...

I can't think of a family who deserves this more. This is just simply amazing! I love your family and I continue in prayer daily for all of you.

Tina said...

I so wish we lived closer! I'd be there with a tool belt! :)

Heather said...

Beautiful new look to the blog and simply beautiful things happening for your beautiful family.Prayers as always.

Baylee and Blair's page said...

I hate to bother you, but can you please e-mail your address again? I deleted a ton of e-mails on accident and didn't mean to! ;(

Love you guys!

PS - Congrats on the new house... can't wait to see it!

Nicole, Drew, Jack, Megan, Sophie, and Lucy too said...

Yeah, Hooray, how exciting:)...We are so happy that your family has been blessed with a wonderful home and makeover! It is so nice to read that good things are happening for the Owens family! Love your new blog design.

Tiffani said...

Oh wow...I can just feel your excitement and relief!!

I love seeing Jesus' hands and feet working through people physically on this earth!!

Always praying for you and for your family!


JayCee said...

Congrats on your house!
Blessings to your family!!

therextras said...

Praise God!