Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Things are a little better around here.  Gavin finally found sleep after 72 hours of restlessness.  That poor little guy -- I can't even imagine the chaos going on in his little body.  It seems that these past few days have really taken a toll on Gavin's body.  Today without any meds  he has been very weak and lethargic.  Tonight when I got him out of his chair and into bed he was so weak he could hardly cry.  I ended up giving him some meds just so he could be peaceful as it seems like he fights so hard to stay awake when his body is screaming for rest.

Today we did a little shopping for the new house.  Very fun -- very exciting!  We were over there today to drop some of our stuff off and it looks like things are starting to happen.  I saw lumber in the yard, tools in the house and lots of dust -- I can only assume that means things are happening!  This week will begin all the major renovations to the outside of the house.  I can't wait to see that yellow tin off the side of the house.

Stay tuned to the Gavin's House site for news of what's happening at the house.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Oh he looks so tired. Those poor little eyes. I am sure your eyes look the same. I do have a question. Gavin always seems to be in a hat. Is this to regulate his core temperature? Does he wear it in the house also? Sorry, just one of those things I thought of. Please don't take offense, i'm just curious.

Can't wait to see the progress on the house.


Christina said...

I was wondering the same thing is your first poster but never asked. I just figured it was to keep his little body warm while he was trying so hard to fight off his infections, etc.

I pray for your family every night.
Christina in NJ

Erin said...

And I was trying to fight to KEEP the yellow siding! JK! Hope you had fun shopping. We filmed at the apt yesterday. I'm glad you weren't home to make fun of me. It will be a great promo, but we can watch together so you can make fun at my lack of acting talent.