Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shipping Address For BabyLegs...

Your guys are just so amazing!  The response to the BabyLegs for Kids Campaign is out of this world -- so much that tomorrow I will be going to purchase a PO Box, so that I can just post the shipping info right here for all the world to see!

Check back tomorrow late morning and I will add the PO Box address.  If you have already shipped to our home address that's perfectly fine -- it will be exciting to see all the little packages arrive!  

We are still so excited to do this!  This is so much fun!


amy said...

awesome! i was just about to email for the addy!

Anonymous said...

And on the website, until November 30th they are 'Buy one, get one free!" That's double for your campaign! Best of luck to you. What's also amazing in life is that somehow, we're able to create beautiful, wonderful things out of our tragedies!