Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Madison's Tonsillectomy...

Madi's Tonsillectomy-2 Madi's Tonsillectomy-1

Yesterday was a very weird day from the start to the end. It was kinda like one of those moments in life where you all the sudden stop and have this creepy sense that you lived this moment in time before.  Yesterday was Madison's big day -- the huge monsters in her mouth were removed in hopes that she will be able to stay illnesss free for more that a week at a time and also that her speech would catch up with her peers.  

Madi's Tonsillectomy-5

Our day started pretty darn early and included a 5am gym run for me and an early breakfast consisting of jello and apple juice for the soon to be patient.  We all packed up and headed down to duPont Children's Hospital to send Madi off to surgery -- the same operating room that helped give our little Gavin more time on earth here with us.  It would not be strange for Gavin to visit the OR up to four times, maybe more a month.  It was one of my most least favorite places in the hospital -- yet the one place that gave me hope that we were actually "doing" something to help our little boy.

Madi's Tonsillectomy-4Madi's Tonsillectomy-3

As we helped Madison get checked in, I can probably assume all our minds were being flooded with memories.  All the same equipment that Madison's brother lived with attached to his little body she was now getting her chance to try out -- for real.  Madison asked if she could bring a photo of her brother into surgery with her -- she griped that photo the entire visit.  He went into to OR with her and was there in recovery by her side.  

Madi's Tonsillectomy-6Madi's Tonsillectomy-7

One of the most surreal moments came after Adam and I came back into recovery and waiting for her to wake up.  Adam stepped away for a minute and I sat there and starred at my beautiful little girl.  As I looked as her soft pale face and watched her breath through the LMA tube and O2 mask, our nurse said, "She looks just like her brother."  I'm not sure what touched me more, the fact that Madison looks like her little brother or the fact that this women who often took care of my little boy still remembers what his face looks like.

Madi's Tonsillectomy-1

As I watched Madison wake up and experience the pain of the surgery for the first time I was reminded who our little boy dealt with this day in and day out -- just gave me a nice reminder why his death was ok.  Needless to say it was a weird day -- trying to comfort my little girl while my mind was replaying the life and death of my little boy.

Madi's Tonsillectomy-9Madi's Tonsillectomy-8

In the end, Madison did an amazing job.  She woke up from the anesthesia like a champ and drank and slushy and ate a popsicle right way.  She was saying, "Ahhh" for anyone who asked and was feeling pretty darn good with all the pain meds.   She did great when we got home and ate more than we expected including a bowel of soup and mac and cheese.  Last night as a little rough, but nothing that a little ice pop and chased by pain meds didn't take care of.  This morning she is running around the house with mommie reminding her that she just had surgery yesterday and she needs to relax.

She is just like her brother.  My children don't know how to relax, or complain.  They love life -- even if it includes some discomfort.  

Gavi -- Thanks for watching over your big sister yesterday.


Anonymous said...

before i even read the blog--- i saw the photos and thought about how much she looks like Gavi!
The photos rushed me back also...and here i sit with tears in my eyes. I cant imagine as a mommy having to go through yesterday. i cant imagine as a sister, going through yesterday...and I could go on.
I am proud of you guys and love u so much.


Brayden'smom said...

The nurse is right, they do look so much alike. I prayed yesterday for Gavin to look over his sister. Like always he did a wonderful job. They both did wonderful. I hope this surgery helps her.
All of you are so strong. Continue to inspire others. you are doing a wonderful job.

~ Katie ~ said...

glad that madison's surgery went well...

3saints said...

I was thinking of you guys so much.

Glad she did so amazing...both your children are from amazing parents..


jocalyn said...

she is so beautiful!
my healthy baby had his tonsils out last year. unfortunately...day two is worse than the first day...but i'm happy to tell you my son hasn't been sick since they were removed. and he used to get strep monthly!
glad the surgery went well.

Anonymous said...

Very thankful that all went well with Madi's surgery. What a blessing to have that nurse share her thoughts of remembrance with you about Gavi as well. I know that when I work with a child, I am touched by their whole family. I believe that God had plans of healing for all of you in the process of Madi's surgery. As always, thanks for sharing your lives with us and be blessed and be safe in Him! ~Debbie Heisey

Phyllis said...

glad the surgery went well and she hasn't slowed down at all!!

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you Maddi!! Hope you are still feeling well. We will call mom and ask when we can come to see you!! Aunt Pat, Uncle Don, Melissa, and Amanda

whartzler said...

I'm praying having her tonsil's out does for her what it did for me. I had mine out in Kindergarten and literally wasn't sick for years! Best thing ever! Glad she's feeling great!

OHN said...

I thought of all of you yesterday. I cannot even imagine the feelings you had while waiting.

I hope Madison stays healthy. I was one of those kids that was always sick....once the tonsils came out, I was like a new girl! Hope the same for her :)

Lisa Marie said...

She is amazing... and you are all amazing... Gavin was definitely with you two, and giving Madi strength. I hope it works and Madison stays healthy. I'm glad the surgery went well and she bounced back so quickly! You are all such an inspiration, as always. Praying for you all- God bless!

Anonymous said...

Glad your little girl is doing so well! My 10 year old took a week to be up bee-bopping around. The younger they are, the easier I guess. I have always thought your 2 children looked alot alike, in pictues. I bet it's even more so in real life. Still thinking and praying for you as you continue to live your lives in a whole new way.


Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

ahhh, little M did so well, what a champ she was. AND thats not a comfortable recovery at all! Jack really struggled for days. She really does have her brothers eyes, doesnt she. I just know he was there to watch over her.
xoxox, your family forever in my heart-
Heidi & Jack.
(sorry dont know what happened to my 1st comment!)

Ailene said...

This is precious! The last line brought tears to my eyes- thanks for sharing your story. It speaks, loudly and full of power to everyone who hears even a little bit of it!

Cammie Heflin said...

Glad she's doing well! I've always thought your kiddos looked alike. I've always thought that I see more similarities in my kids when they're sleeping so maybe it's the bed???

gilda said...

Yay, for Madi on handling her surgery so well. I just love the picture of her holding Gavi's picture,he was her comfort going into that surgery that brought tears to my eyes.She is a beautiful girl,I love the way she loves her brother.

williamsmommy2005 said...

I just went through something similar with my little guy.. He had adenoids out and I can definitely feel your pain about the pain at night.. I hope she feels better soon. Mine had a horrible time with pain.... We later found out that the ENT underdosed his medication (both tylenol and codeine). Good Luck as she continues her healing after surgery.

Misty Rice said...

I am so behind on blogs and catching up some today. This took my breath away... I think I am so emotional anyways right now. But this made me throat knot up and I found myself holding my breath.

She does look so much like him.... what a bittersweet image.

God Bless.