Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is Coming...


I've been doing lots of thinking lately regarding our current place in life.  It's been almost five months since we said goodbye to our sweet Gavin and started this process of redefining normal -- finding life after death.  Last week we had what felt like a sneak peak at the change in seasons.  The sun was shining and as I looked out our front door through the cold hard dirt were signs of beautiful flowers beginning to emerge.  At that moment God started to pour out this incredible analogy into my head that I heard in a song, written by a man who tragically lost his little girl.  

The song speaks of death as winter -- it's cold and harsh and often seems to linger on forever.  The pain of watching Gavin suffer in his last days was like a cold winter wind that just burns your skin, seems to pierce your very soul.  As time is going on God is doing this incredible work in my life.  His healing of my hurting heart is like the first signs of spring.  We know the beauty of summer is coming but the work comes in the spring -- the digging, the planting -- cultivating the very earth that will shortly begin its display of beautiful color and wonder.


My spring of healing is a time of intense emotion -- grieving the fact that my little boy is gone, that my hands can no longer touch the life that once was.  It brings up pain that is hidden deep in the earth yet somehow out of the depth of that pain this beautiful thing emerges.  My spring of healing sends my soul churning with excitement -- the chance of new life, of new beginnings, of restoration -- possibilities.

This past week we have witnessed our little boy's legacy of hope and healing spreading and touching people's lives.  I was able to attend my first meeting as a council member of the Family Advisory Committee for the A.I. duPont Children's Hospital.  During the meeting many of the members including families, doctors and hospital administration already knew of my little boy and our family.  We have heard many stories, including this one, about how the Babylegs Campaign is touching so many families -- even spreading to the earthquake victims of Haiti, as a team from duPont took down a bin of Babylegs to hand out to the families they were helping. We were able to launch Chronically Cool Families, a parent to parent support group for families dealing with chronic illness or disability -- a group that was formed to honor our little boy.  

Spring is an amazing time.


"I'll never let go of this hope that I have that tells me spring is coming. Watch the ice melt away -- the kids are coming out to play.  Feel the sun on your skin -- growing strong and warm again. Watch the ground -- there's something moving -- something is breaking through -- new life is breaking through.  Spring in coming."    -- Steven Curtis Chapman


Heather said...

Love these pictures of your sweet boy.Always loved those babylegs!

Sending you peace and strength and grace as Spring arrives.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome revelation!! Great post!

Brayden'smom said...

Thank you for continuing to share Gavin's message.
The pictures are wonderful.

Bethany said...

I want to thank you for sharing Gavin's story and life with the world. I have followed his story and prayed for Gavin and your family for close to two years now. Just last week I was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease. Had I not known Gavin, this would be a frightening diagnosis, but I have seen how such a small boy LIVED with mito with such courage, dignity, and grace. Your boy is my inspiration.
May your family be renewed and refreshed with the peace and grace and love of the Lord, assured that Gavin will never be forgotten.

~ Katie ~ said...

Thank you for putting things into a new prospective for me :)

Gilda said...

I love those pictures had not seen those of Gavin. Your work as well as your view of life is so inspiring. "missing your Gavin's smile" but "remembering him always." My prayers are always with you.

C's Mommy said...

Such beautiful words and such inspiration to take away. God is doing amazing things in your heart and I can't thank you enough for sharing your soul with us. I am always in awe of your grace and your words of healing.