Saturday, April 3, 2010


 Madi Easter-6 Madi Easter-4

Easter holds so many amazing memories. Our first three Easter's, like most of our holidays  as a family of four, were spend at AI duPont Children's Hospital.  I remember our first Easter with Gavin was a difficult time -- we had been in the hosptial for a few months.  That hospital stay began with lots of fears as this was the first time the possibility of his death was discussed.  He was an emaciated little boy weighing less than 10lbs at almost one year old -- his body was starving to death despite the TPN and tube feeds.  Anyway, as is true with most of our family memories, amidst all the sad memories there are so many happy moments that stand out.  I remember our Easter egg hunt in room 15 of 3E, we hid eggs all over the hospital room and I vividly remember an egg hidden behind the giant red biohazard bin-- telling the bitter story of our reality.  I remember at that moment having the revelation that life will not stop -- despite my child's poor prognosis, even the posibility of death -- we will live -- Gavin will live life and our little girl will experience all the joy and laughter life has to offer.

 Madi Easter-9 Madi Easter-8

I then think about the next Easter -- Gavin was fighting a serious fungal blood infection.  I remember sitting by his crib watching the crib rails shake and his body was convulsing from the high fever and chills.  I remember the moans that came from his broken, swollen tired body.  I remember despite his critical state, his swollen hands reaching into his Easter basket looking for all the goodies the Easter bunny had brought. I remember Madison's beautiful white Easter dress -- she had no place to go but the lonely halls of the Hospital -- but we made it happen.  Life was so worth living!

 Madi Easter-7

Then there was last year, which I now consider a precious gift from God.  He gave us one Easter home as a family -- Easter memories outside those cold Hospital walls.  Gavin wore his green vest, blue Babylegs and his black converse sneakers and of course his cool hat -- I remember it like it was yesterday.  

Thank you Lord for that Easter at home.

 Madi Easter-10 Madi Easter-11

This Easter as I stood by my little boy's grave I was filled with such a revelation of what Jesus did for us those two-thousand something years ago.  Because of his death my little boy lives!  I, as a mother can go to my child's grave in full confidence that my little boy is no longer buried beneath that ugly mound of dirt but rather his spirit was given a new body -- free of pain and suffering, and is resting in the arms of the Almighty God -- just waiting to be held in his mommie's arms again.

 Madi Easter-5 Madi Easter-3

This Easter we continue to live life -- embracing the pain of Gavin's death, thanking God for the end to his suffering and remembering the beauty of his life.  These photos were taken this week -- I could stare at these photos for ever.  They show so much more than my sweet little girl -- I look at these photos and I can't help but see the beautiful grace of God, the possibility of real hope -- joy.


Anonymous said...

I wish your family the best Easter ever. I can't think of a family that deserves it more. God bless.


Autumn said...

I totally agree with Angela. Yall have been through tremendous suffering. God Bless

Autumn said...

Oh and I love the pictures. She is absolutely gorgeous. I can see her little brother in her as well.

tyler's mommy said...

As I celebrate my mom's first anniversary in heaven, the word rejoice and rebirth come to mind.
thank you for sharing your easter memories - and the joy it must have been to have sweet gavin at home last year! wishing you all a wonderful easter just waiting for new memories to be made.

Lisa Marie said...

Adam, Karen, and Madi-
Happy Easter!!! Thank you for sharing your Easter memories, what a blessing to have Gavin home for Easter last year. We hope this Easter will be just as memorable and absolutely beautiful. These photos of Madison are perfect, we love them!! God bless, the Walk family

Anonymous said...

How beautifully written. It gives us yet another glimpse into the suffering all of you have survived. I am so glad that Gavin is not suffering any longer. (that is not meant in a cruel way, but only coming from a mom that cannot imagine my child so sick).

I hope you have a beautiful sunny Easter.


Brayden'smom said...

Happy Easter! Hold your memories close and continue to make more. I hope this Easter is as wonderful as last year. Your pictures are yet a again wonderful.She is a gorgeous little girl.

K D said...

Beautiful post.

Happy Easter!

JayCee said...

absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Such sweet joy knowing that our children will be held in God's arms while they wait for us to join them. Joy, but also pain because our arms are empty. You are such a strong brave women to have the faith to believe. God Bless you and your family.