Monday, April 5, 2010

New Insight...

Easter 2010-2

This Easter came with new and amazing insight into just what happened those many years ago when Jesus was no longer in his tomb.  As a good friend reminded Adam and I yesterday -- along with this new insight came a great loss.  The loss of our son.

Easter 2010-1Easter 2010-3

I've experienced thirty Easter Sunday's in my life and this was the first time I actually realized the significance of this amazing holiday.  For me it no longer just marks a day in Christian history remembering weekend of Christ's death and resurrection but I now see it as an amazing miracle that made to way for new life. 

Easter 2010-7Easter 2010-8

I just can't imagine going to Gavin's grave not having the hope of new life after death -- the hope of healing and restoration. Yesterday as we gathered as a little family and spent time at Gavin's stone, we couldn't help but feel an amazing sense of peace and reflection -- remembering just what Jesus did for us and for our little boy. 

Easter 2010-4Easter 2010-5

We have been spending lots of time at the cemetery this past week.  Mainly because this week Gavin's gravestone was laid down and somehow it feels like a completion to the burial process.  At first it was difficult to see that stone there as it kinda meant "it" was over -- that this season of laying our little boy to rest was over.  But I think Adam and I are both ready to move on from this time.  No more decisions needing to be made -- we can now just enjoy the sweet memories our  amazing child.

Easter 2010-6

Madison in particular just loves being around her brother's body.  She understands very well the concept of death and how his sick broken skin is buried under the ground and how Gavin's thinking, feeling and laughing all went to heaven with Jesus to get a new body and is waiting for us all to join his party up in heaven.  She probably understands it on a deeper level than most of us.  Madison and Gavin's bond is amazing.  The other day Adam I just sat on the grass and watched Madison as she talked to Gavin, decorated his grave and made sure each and every stick was arranged just so on top of the dirt.  

Easter 2010-1-2

I think we could all learn a whole lot about faith, trusting in God and embracing the things we may not fully understand, just by taking the time to listen and watch the faith of a little child.

It's simply amazing.


Phyllis said...

oh my, I am in tears for how much you must ache to be with your son. I wonder if losing a child causes you at times to want to push the fast forward button so that you can be together again. I am so happy that your Madie seems to have such a grip on a concept that even most adults don't quite understand.

JayCee said...

Thank you so much for this amazing! ♥ your insight to the resurrection!!

(P.S...can't wait to someday meet Gavin in heaven.)

~ Katie ~ said...

I thought alot about you guys this weekend. I also spent time at the cemetary this week. It's sucks to know that our loved ones are gone from us, but Amazing that they got to spend Easter with Jesus. That thought made my first Easter without my brother more bearable. Sisters never stop talking to their brothers and making sure that everything is just so at their final resting place.

Still thinking of you

Jessica said...

Happy Easter. Thank you for continuing to share your story.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I have often wondered about the innocence of childhood, a time before they have to deal with the real world, as being a time when they have understanding that we lose as we get older. I have seen so many children accept things, without question. Things that we cannot see or hear, yet to them is very clear.

I think we all need to try to see things through their eyes.


Heidi said...

What a beautiful gravestone for Sweet Gavin. Your girl is nothing but amazing. Thanks for sharing your day with us, I think of your family often. We never give up hope for our son. Pray for a cure...
Heidi & Jack.