Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Summertime...


I do believe summer is here in full force -- well at least it sure does feel that way!  This week every month is a crazy time for our family -- we litterally travel all over in just a matter of a few days.  Earlier this week I met with the Family Advisory Board, a committe that I'm apart of, at the A.I. duPont Hospital for Children and then yesterday we had another meeting Lancaster.  Tonight we get to travel back down to Deleware to meet with the Chronically Cool Familes group.   These things keep us pretty busy but are so rewarding!  After many years of being on the receiving end it 's so very liberating to be able to give back!

Because summer is here, or at least on it's way it means one exciting event is just around the corner -- Gavin's Birthday!  Our little fighter would have turned four this year.  It makes me smile just thinking what his little healthy self looks like in heaven -- I'm sure his hair is styled all cool and spiky and I just bet he even has a cute little attitude to match.


In honor of his birthday and in celebration of the amazing legacy he left behind we will be organizing some type of donation to the inpatient unit we spent most of Gavin's life living on.  I'm not quite sure what we will be collecting just yet -- today I will meet with administrators to see just exactly what they need.  The BabyLegs are gone -- and went over really big at the hospital.  I can't explain just how grateful all the families and hospital staff was for your help in making that campaign a huge success.  

Anyway I'll be posting our new Birthday campaign as soon as I get it all organized -- but of course I would  love to hear if you all have any ideas.


Phyllis said...

glad you are keeping busy!! I have no fabulous ideas about donations but was thinking it should be something fun in his honor....something fun that he and Madi would have enjoyed doing together, something that would have allowed their minds to escape the hospital scene for a short time. Good luck! I'm quite sure you will come up with something Fabulous!!

OHN said...

Just a hint....I would ask the nurses rather than the administrators (unless those administrators are more in touch and in tune than others) because the nurses hear the families talking and probably have a better feel for what is really needed.

I love the visual you painted on Gavin with the cool hair style and attitude. I can see him smiling and charming everyone there :)

Gilda said...

Madison is so beautiful, and the description of Gavin is just perfect so handsome. Looking forward to participate in Gavin's honor.