Sunday, June 20, 2010

{An Amazing Daddy}


I always knew you were a little different.  I remember preparing for our little girls birth 5 years ago and having people joke about how daddy would sleep through the night while Madi cried and how there would always be drama over who has to change the dirty diapers.  I'm so proud to say that that never happened.

You have always been an amazing to father to both Madison and Gavin but as time has gone on you keep becoming more amazing.  You helped give Gavin and amazing life here on earth -- doing things that Dads, let alone mommie, would never dare do.  You proudly infused IV medication, willingly preformed sterile dressing changed, catheriterized your little boy, and also stood by his side and said goodbye in the best way any Daddy could.

Then there is Madison.  You have been a source of stability for her.  The many night I was at the hospital you would have to walk away over to Ronald McDonald House to sleep with Madison.  You had to dry the tears as she cried out for mommie.  You give her the time and attention she needs and deserves -- you always make her feel special.

You always have been and will continue to be an amazing father to two beautiful children.

Happy Father's Day!


Anonymous said...

Most amazing Daddy's Day song ever sung!!! Thank you for sharing it!!
Be blessed and be safe in Him!
~Deb Heisey

JenL said...

What a cute video!! Madi really looks like her beautiful mama.

Becky said...

Happy Father's Day Adam and way to sing it Madison!

NaysWay said...

Holy moley, I want to scoop her up in a waffle cone. How cute is that?!

Sarah Thomas, Nora's mom said...

How adorable! I loved the grand ending, very sweet. :)