Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{celebrating him}


Yesterday was an amazing day.  The day was filled with such a range of emotions but they were all good and all felt so good to feel.  We started our day early at the cemetery where we spent some time as a little family celebrating our little boy's birthday.  Madison made Gavin some special cards that we stashed in her secret spot underneath the vase on his grave stone.  We lit his candle and sung to him talking about how we were all sure he was eating his own piece of cake up in heaven.


We then headed to the hospital to give the first portion of Gavin's Birthday Give, which I'll do another post on some time this week.  We are still collecting new baby toys as well as donations up until the end of the month.  You can click here to read more on that exciting opportunity.



Being at the hospital brought us a lot of comfort.  It's funny how we really hated being at that place, but the same place we hated also brought us so much comfort, peace and joy.  That building is filled with so many amazing memories -- the staff is a big part of our family.  The hospital was part of our life, and after Gavin's death not only did we have to deal with the loss of our child but also the loss of our normal life -- as odd as our normal was.



We then ended the day celebrating in true Gavin style.  We laughed and talked with friends and family, watched all the kids play out in the yard, had yummy food and just sat and experienced good life.  Madison picked out a cake for Gavin and stood in her brother's place as we sung happy birthday and blew out the candle.  She yelled up to heaven, "Gavin close your eyes," and then had us all yell "surprise!"  She is an amazing five year old little girl who we want more than anything to celebrate and mourn her little brother in any way she feels necessary.


Thank you to everyone who helped make yesterday a special day for our family.  Thanks for all the emails and messages.  The community that we have found through the life of our son is truly amazing!


Reagan Leigh said...

I'm still waiting to watch the video you made. I know it's going to be an emotional experience so I've been putting it off. Everything hits so much closer to home now that Reagan's also been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. I try not to think about it most of the time and just live one day at a time. Your family continues to be an inspiration to me and so many others. Gavin would be proud.

Sarah Thomas, Nora's mom said...

Your family is so amazing. I know Gavin loved celebrating his birthday from up above with his wonderful mommy, daddy and seeing his big sister step in for him to blow out his candle.
Sending you all lots of love and thinking of your sweet Gavin.

Jessica said...

A beautiful birthday party. Happy Birthday, Gavin!

Mark Lopa said...

You're an amazing family, but Madi blows me away. I guess part of it is there really aren't that many people her age who experienced this kind of loss, so we're not really sure how someone that age would handle it. Part of it has to be her age, and the other part is her upbringing. The word "amazing" to describe her is weak at best.


Phyllis said...

What a great way to celebrate his birthday!! I totally understand what you mean about the hospital. We feel the same way about CHB where our kids get tx. The staff is awesome and makes us feel like we are their favorite family. Hospitals are a place of hope!

Gilda said...

How beautiful you made it so special. Wishing Gavin a Happy Birthday which I am sure he did enjoy watching from heaven. Madi is the best sister, thinking of you all always.

Missy said...

Such a beautiful day for your gorgeous boy's birthday.
I am glad that you were able to experience such wonderful emotions.
What a wonderful family you are...

Anonymous said...

Wishing Gavin a "Happy Birthday"! I'm sure he had an awesome Celebration in Heaven and it's neat to see how he will forever live on in the hearts of his family and friends. He'd be proud to see how you are all living life to the fullest! He is so Special, we'll never forget him!

OHN said...

Gavin is having his first birthday free of all pain.

When I was a child, death was not discussed, but if it was, it was in hushed tones and there was only sadness and fear.

I am so incredibly impressed with how you encourage Madison to celebrate her brother. She will always have him in her heart and I predict wonderful things from that sweet little girl.

Dria said...

What a beautiful celebration for your little boy! The video clip is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Your family is an inspiration and your amazing little angel has touched so many.