Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Preparing Her For Life...


Madison is a beautiful little girl with a passion for life. Madison is a girl with deep compassion and understanding of suffering. Madison is a smart little girl wise beyond her years. Madison loves her Jesus and eagerly awaits the day she get to hang out with not only her savior but also her little brother. Madison is a girl who daily overcomes a chaotic past, watching her little brother slowly die.

In three months Madison will go to school and I want the world to remember who she is. Kindergarten in my eyes is the beginning of personal choices my little girl will begin to make. She will begin to define on her own just who she is and I want to be the best mother possible for her, being a source of encouragement --pushing her to let the world see just how amazing she is!


Lately my prayers have been for God to show me the right choices I need to make on a hour by hour basis in my daily parenting journey. I want nothing more to build her up and when I step back for a second and choose to listen to myself I find that I often tear her down.

This is my summer goal with Madison -- positive parenting on a new level.

Let see how this goes -- Madi are you ready?


kate. said...

I just want you to know that you are such a wonderful Mother. You inspire me on a daily basis - even when there's no FaceBook comment or blog post. Your inpiration lasts in my head and I often remember your wise words when I'm with my cute little boys. Over the past couple months, you have really reminded me to be present when I'm with them. We both know how fleeting life can be. Thank you for reminding me. I love you, Karen.

Anonymous said...

You are such an awesome mom! Madi is lucky to have someone who so strong and spiritual. She is already a wonderful girl :-)