Friday, July 9, 2010

Gavin's Birthday Give -- The Recap...


On June 14th our sweet little boy would have turned four years old. We decided as a family that there would be no better way to celebrate than to take some time and give back to other families dealing with illness and hospital stays at the AI duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE.  


Early this month we asked the readers of this site to either donate whatever dollar amount they could or send us baby toys to give out to the kids at duPont.  We had a great response and were so proud to not only be able to make a nice donation to the hospital but also proud to have the amazing army of people who have supported our family and Gavin during the course of his life.  You all are incredible!



We raised a little over 2,000 dollars and received lots of baby toy donations.  With the money we received we were able to purchase two nice full size baby strollers for use on the unit in transporting the littlest patients, a pack and play, which the staff requested to have behind the nurses station, a beautiful highchair, and a bouncer seat -- all that will be used on the unit to give the families and children a better hospital experience and also help the staff.


With the remaining funds, which was about 1,300, we purchased lots and lots of toys.  We decided to stock up the Child Life department with baby and toddler toys, which are always in great need and high demand. 


We placed "Never Lose Hope" stickers on all the donations -- a way to honor our little fighter.  There is no better feeling that giving.  Thank you to everyone to donated -- both in small and big ways.  Know that even the simplest donation really makes an impact.  We have so many memories of little things that we received while we were inpatient that have made a lasting impact on us.  Everything from little dolls for Madison to a pair of sneakers that was given to Gavin.  We will never forget.

These families will never forget.



Tina said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures. I'm honoured that I could be a little part of it. You really are an amazing family.

Cammie Heflin said...

How wonderful! What an awesome way to honor Gavin!

Phyllis said...

That is awesome! As a "hospital mom" I know how much all of those things mean when you are there. Glad to see you in front of the camera too!!

JayCee said...

Glad to help in a very small way. You all are amazing for doing this. What a testament/legacy to Gavin. Great idea!

Jill said...

Wow! I love seeing all of those wagons full of toys! It must have been like Christmas to the child life staff :) What an amazing way to remember your angel, I'm glad I could help in a small way!

Missy said...

What a wonderful, generous way to share and honour Gavin's birthday. You are amazing...