Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Theology of My Five Year Old...


Over these past few weeks I've been noticing major changes happening in my little girl. It's like one morning she woke up and I saw a glimps of a little woman -- no toddler or preschool trait to be found.  It's just everything about her has changed.  Everything from the way she talks and walks to the size of her feet.  He mind is contemplating and exploring bigger and better things and she keeps no thought to herself but freely shares to anyone who will listen.

I find that I can learn the most about my daughter and the girl she is becoming by turning off the music in the van and just listening to the things she has to share.  We talk  a lot about God, death and what's for dinner. 

It's amazing to listen to the theology of my 5 year old.  She believes there is a God.  She believes that God heals. She believes that anything she asks him, He really can do, without any doubt in her mind.  She also understands that sometimes she doesn't get the things she wants, like the healing of her little brother because sometimes the reward of heaven and endless cookies and no naps is far better than more time here on earth. 


It's really an enlightening and humbling experience to listen to the thoughts Madi.  We as adults make it so difficult -- so many different views on topics that simply don't matter all that much.   She feels there are no limits  and that has proved to be a very cool way our little girl has found healing after the death of Gavin.  

It's that beautiful child like faith.  At what point in our lives and hearts do we start to make it so complex? 

Thanks Madi for teaching Mommie so many amazing life changing lessons. 


Phyllis said...

So glad she is sharing all her thoughts!! She is so beautiful inside and out!

Chris said...

I can't tell you how often I have people ask me how I managed to be so close to my three sons. (21,20,and 15).
My answer is....I listen.

From the time they were little, we talked. About everything.

Nothing is off limits no matter how uneasy it may make dear old mom :)

The boys are independent, leaders, great thinkers, problem solvers and all around nice guys with very kind hearts.

Listening to them is a major part of them becoming all the above.

Keep up the good ear mom :)

JayCee said...

I also have wondered at what point our hearts/minds go from "simple, child-like faith" to what we make it - the way we complicate it and end up leaving ourselves frustrated. Thank you for the reminder to keep faith as simple as it is meant to be - simply trusting Jesus!