Tuesday, August 17, 2010

{Blending In}


This past weekend the Owens' Family ventured out to the Goshenhoppen Festival.  Don't ask how you pronounce it or what in the world it means -- it's a festival.  I determined a few things this past weekend.  The first is that I'm not sure we are much of a festival type family, particularly a heritage festival.  To be very honest I can't tell the difference between the 1950's and 1900's, let alone the 1800's.  Did people even live in America in the 1800's?  Joking... kinda.


Anyway.  The people did an amazing job at putting the festival together but I think we need to wait until Madison actually learns about this stuff in school so Daddy and I can have a refresher course and we will better understand what these people were trying to teach us.


The highlights of the festival were that Madison got to walk on stilts -- in her brand new Twinkle Toes, and we ate huge slices of juicy watermelon, which I happen to love.


The other thing that I happened to notice is that we blend in.  Blending in is such a foreign concept for our family.  Little Gavin would draw tons of attention -- there was no just running out of the house with no makeup on hoping that you wouldn't see anyone -- everyone would see me.   


Right after Gavin died I longed to be seen.  I would walk into a store and want to hold a giant sign telling everyone that I have an amazing son who despite his death is just as present as ever.  As time has gone by, even though I miss my little boy terribly every single day, it feels like he is just as alive as he was when he was living on this earth.  I feel his legacy every second of the day.  Gavin along with Madison and Adam make up the very essence of my being.  I no longer feel the need to shout that my little boy is gone, but rather find myself walking proudly knowing that he is still making a difference in this world.


Jessica said...

One heart touched deeply by your story. Here's to blending in...

Zoey's mom said...

Blending in and a little normal ... both nice changes in a year that has held the greatest changes and lessons of all.There is a peace that I sense each and everytime I pop by lately and for you all and your continual ebb and flow of healing,I am grateful for that.

Blessings from California.