Friday, August 13, 2010

A Little Bit of Normal...


It has been over nine months since we said goodbye to our sweet Gavin.  Since Gavin's death we have begun to relearn exactly what normal life is.  I've come to the conclusion that normal is such a vague term.  What I consider to be normal life others consider chaos and what I consider to be out of the norm, some call their comfort.  Life is funny that way.


Well -- if there is such a thing as normal life, today would be just that.  Our little girl had her kindergarten orientation.  Adam and I are overwhelmed with love for this little girl.  Today I kinda saw her in a whole new light.  I saw her as the result of an extraordinary miracle -- a result of a life chosen and directed by God.  Do you realize what odds this amazing child has overcome?  It's difficult and fascinating at the same time to look back on what her life has been like for the past four years.  Don't get me wrong -- Madison has had a great life, but it was obviously was filled with much heartache and chaos.


But I look at these photos and I find it very hard to find scars.  I see a little girl protected by God.  I see my little baby who has grown into a little lady about to change the world.  I see a life set on a rocky path but also a life fully equipped to cope and deal with the challenges!   


I'm so excited to see what this year has in store for my little girl.  

Go get'em girlfriend!


3saints said...

She is an amazing child...beautiful in every way!



Ash said...

Aw, the first day of school is so special! We celebrate each year, the first and last days. She looked beautiful for her first day.

I hope she enjoys her kindergarten year!


Phyllis said...

oh my gosh, so exciting!! I know you have shed a few tears in your day but you will definitely be crying when she heads off that first official day! (and possibly following the bus like some crazy mom I know....yes she is in Gods hands but sometimes it;s a little hard to let go.)Anyway, I think for those of us who have been in the trenches of parenting, these normal moments are so so wonderful and appreciated!! Thank you for continuing to share your lives with us so we can be inspired to enjoy all the God has planned for us!

JayCee said...

♥ her new hair cut!

Ellen said...

She is always smiling and looks like such a happy girl!! She has a face and smile that just lights up!!

Missy said...

She really is such an amazing little girl-surrounded by an equally amazing family.
She looked so beautiful on her first day of school and a certificate as well!

Susan and Richard said...

Could I ask where you found her backpack? It is wonderful. Thank you.

Karen Owens said...

Her backpack is from Old Navy!