Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Little Vacation...


Last week was a whirlwind -- actually, every last week of the month is a whirlwind.  The week was filled with so many fun and good things but it's just tough that they all fall on the last week on the month.  Despite the crazy week we decided to take a little impromptu trip to the beach!



Anyone who has followed our families story would know that every summer the beach normally becomes our sanctuary for peace -- away from duPont and really just spending time as a family away from chaos.  This year, since Gavin's death I have kinda been dreading going back.  After Gavin died I didn't really struggle with going certain places and being flooded with the memories associated with those places.  In fact the one place I thought would be the most difficult, the place where Gavin's actually took his last breath, proves to be one of the most comforting! 



Ocean City, New Jersey, however, is a little different. I'm not sure exactly what it is about that specific place -- I'm thinking it has to do with that feeling of being in a mindset that was illness free, hospital free, death free -- it was really a safe place.  On most every vacation to the beach Gavin was just discharged the day before, or we even left right from the hospital on many occasions to head down straight to the beach house.   Even though those vacations were very difficult logistically with all of Gavin's intense medical needs -- we proudly made it work.  I have so many amazing memories of my little boy on that beach, digging in the sand and pushing his chair on the boardwalk.  

For some reason it's just a sacred spot in my mind.  I wasn't ready to make new memories there just yet.  

So we found a new beach to go to!



We headed out to Wildwood, New Jersey, and despite it's reputation for being a little bit, uh...wilder -- it was so freakin' cool!  Madi had a blast as there were so many rides -- three piers worth!  It felt so special to be making new memories -- just the three of us, redefining what we are as a family, while holding the memories of our past life so deep and close.



Madi was a crazy girl on both the beach and boardwalk -- no fear!  She is at a great age where mommie and daddy can not only have fun watching her do things but she can actually so the same stuff we want to do -- and more!


Stacy said...

AH Wildwood!!!! Thats where we used to go too until a couple years ago when Billy got so bad...He hated the sand but LOVED the water..thank God for North Wildwood beach patrol...they got the buggies for us years ago..the first in NJ beaches to have the wheelchair buggies...Enjoy your new memories and your new beach...Who said Wildwood has to be WILD? MEEEEEE!!!!!!
Hugs & Prayers

Nathan Duvall said...

Awesome pictures, as always. Glad you guys got to get away for a bit - much needed trip I'm sure!

Heidi said...

These pics are awesome! Her smile says it all, a perfect place to make new memories!
Heidi & Jack.