Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Parenting Adventures...


This little lady has been sending her mommie and daddy on a wild goose chase lately -- we are constantly trying to find our sanity in raising our unique, beautiful and spunky little girl.  She is a very normal 5 year old in so many ways.  She laughs at silly things, whines when she doesn't get her way and questions every phenomenon in this world and beyond.

In other ways she is so not normal.  She has lived a unique life.  She has been exposed to the deepest of human suffering but also has learned what true compassion and concern are.  She has learned about life, though still isn't quite sure how that baby gets in there -- she also has come face to face with death, has felt the deep pain it leaves behind and also has gained the understanding that healing comes is all different forms.

So this all leads to a very unique experience in parenting this beautiful little girl.


Last week there was a dead cat in front of our house -- right at the end of our driveway.  I went out to get the mail and I just sighed, knowing that this was going to lead to a long in depth conversation with Madison.  I really just wanted to move it -- but there was just no way.  I mean -- the cat was inside out.  This mommie will do a lot for her babies but removing a cat carcase from the road is not one of them.

Madison saw the cat as we were leaving the house later that afternoon.  Her first response was, "Oh my gosh mommie do you see dat?  Dat is du-gusting!" 

After a short period of silence it all came out.

"Mommie, when is Jesus coming for it's body?"

"Should we burry it?"

"Mommie -- I didn't see the head, will it get a new one in heaven?"

"Yeah! Gavin will have a cat in heaven!"

"Do you think Gavin misses me?"

"Do you think he wants to touch me again?"


I think our conversation ended with telling the whole story again about Gavin's death and how we put his old body in the ground and Jesus took his thinking and feeling up to heaven and gave him a brand new body that can talk, walk and eats lots of cookies and will never have to take naps.

She was very satisfied with that.  We both love talking about Gavin's life and death, which includes a beautiful healing.   The thought of her little brother running around heaven with a new pet made her very  happy!

That night daddy removed the cat from the road -- and life continued on.


Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

strength in the weakest moments.

Jessica said...

Now that's a devoted Daddy :)... Your family is beautiful.

Lisa Marie said...

Yes, go Daddy! Adam is awesome. (I wouldn't have touched that either Karen! haha) Daddy's are so great for those things. Your family is beautiful and your journey inspires us. Madison is so special, and Gavin just makes her a more amazing and special little girl! You both are AMAZING parents, never doubt it. God bless

Heather said...

Reminders form the very young,that allow us to see the beauty in life an yes,even death.

JayCee said...

You handled that very well!