Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{Show and Tell}


There are many things that we face as a family who has not only walked the journey with a chronically ill/terminally ill child, but also as a family who has lost a child.  Something we just bring a different perspective to -- this is really starting to more obvious as Madison has started school.

When Madison started school she not only started a new season of her life but also begun a new season where no one knows about her past season.  This has so many positives, like a fresh start and opportunity for new experiences, but also can hold a few challenges.

Today Madison had show and tell.  The topic was all about me.  Wow.  Madison has a pretty big story to tell right now.  The death of her little brother is still rather fresh and I'm sure she is at a point in her life where she feels rather torn between holding on to her grief and also letting go just a bit and making new memories and a new life still remembering her brother but allowing other experiences to enter her world.

Last week she insisted on bringing a photo of our family from our Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep session, just before Gavin died.  Even though these photos are so very special to our family, they obviously are not appropriate for a class of five year olds!  I talked her out of it and we decided on a more appropriate family photo, a photo of Gavin and her, a snow globe and a stuffed dog.

This a a big day for her.  I wanted to be sure she felt that she could openly talk about her family, on whatever level she wanted.  I contacted the school and her wonderful teacher made sure the guidance counselor was there to support Madi as well as the other students.

I received a call from the school this afternoon saying she did great and that the other kids in class asked great questions and Madi did a great job answering them.

Next hurdle will be the science lesson on nature -- what is dead and what is alive.  The teacher talked about this in orientation and Adam and I just looked at each other and smiled! 


Stacy, Rich & Billy Gerlach said...

God I can only imagine!
So glad it went good...she is one strong cookie..yous are doing an awesome job!

Chris said...

I have a sneaky feeling that Madison is going to be an incredible teacher to all of her classmates. Not on purpose, but because of what she has already endured. Even kids that young "feed" off of other kids emotions, and when they see that she is doing well after all that she has been through, they will learn that it is okay to move forward, while still not forgetting anything that has happened before.
She is an amazing little girl....but you already know that. She is so surrounded by your love that she feels safe to be herself and there is nothing better.

Phyllis said...

I am crying reading this. What a wonderful little girl. How great too that you and the school allowed her to talk about her brother even though it presents challenges for everyone. What a learning experience for her peers. I'm still crying picturing her up there in front of the class! What a cutie!

C's Mommy said...

I was getting nervous just reading but as always Madi is nothing short of amazing. She does have a wonderful story to tell and I know her incredible healing is a gift you and Adam have given her!!

Mo said...

Okay, I am totally impressed you had the fore-thought to prep the teacher and include the guidance counselor; which all the while allowed your sweet girl to have a voice and speak as she pleased for HER show and tell. Nice job, Mommie!

Misty Rice said...

Wow. I love that girl and her strength.

Heidi said...

I knew she would do great :) that girl is nothing but amazing!
Heidi & Jack.