Monday, December 27, 2010

{The Christmas ReCap}


Wow -- is it really all over?  It's so crazy how we all sit in this same place year after year pondering just how in the world it takes months and months to prepare for and then bam, it's all over.  This year was another amazing year for our little family!


We started out on Friday with dinner at my parents, church and then our traditional advent service at my grandparent's with the entire extended family.  We spent all of Christmas day at my parents starting at five o'clock in the morning when my little Madi swore she heard jingle bells.  Both the girls must have been very good this year as they made out pretty darn well on the present front.  



Madison was totally thrilled to be given a Nintendo DS, which she has been asking Santa for, for the past two years -- I guess, (but still do not understand why) he thought she was ready.  Oh, Nana -- I mean Santa.  Angela did so amazingly well.  She was so happy and thrilled to be entertained non-stop from early Christmas eve until late Christmas night.  She was so social and happy -- giving everyone her smiles and was very interactive.


I have to say that our family and friends have been amazing in taking Angela in as if she has always been a part of our family -- It really makes a huge difference in her adjustment process and ours as well.  I really believe she has the ability to sense when she is loved and wanted -- it really shows and makes me as her mommie so gosh darn happy!


We also spent some time at Gavin's grave on Christmas day, but that deserves a post of its own!  We all had a great Christmas, spending time as a family and enjoying each other and of course thanking God for his most amazing gift to us!

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